About TamilNaalKaati Team

Last updated: October 13, 2021

We are a small team of developers who create utility web applications/SAAS products that solve day to day problems of the users. We have created TamilNaalKaati website as a digital version of the tamil calendar where one can get all the images of the daily calendar sheet that we use in our houses.

If you find any mistakes in the website, do let us know through the contact form. Our developer team is highly active and will rectify the mistake ASAP. Your help will be acknowledged by displaying your name in the hall of fame page.

About TamilNaalKaati Website:

Calendars are one of the most useful things people use everyday. Especially in TamilNadu people use calendars not only to know the date but also to know the good timings of the day (Nalla Neram), New moon day(Amavaasai/Amavasaya), Full moon day(Pournami) and other festival days.

Today we are in the digital era. It is not always possible to have a hard copy of the calendar with you all times. But the need to use the calendar may arise anytime. So we planned to develop a digital copy of the calendar which can be accessed, used anytime and anywhere. A part of that goal we have digitised all the dates and data in the date.

Hope you find this application useful. Also your ideas to improve the website will be highly appreciated