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Muhurtham Dates 2022 - சுப முகூர்த்த நாட்கள் 2022

Tamil Wedding Dates - Short Table
Month Valarpirai Theipirai
January No dates 23, 27
February 6, 11, 14 20, 21
March 6, 13, 14, 16 21, 23, 27, 28, 30
April 6, 15 21, 25, 29
May 4, 6, 8, 13, 15 25, 26
June 1, 3, 9, 10, 13 17, 23, 27
August 29, 31 21, 22, 24
September 1, 5, 7, 8, 9 12
October 28, 30 24
November No dates 11, 14, 20
December 4 11, 12, 14

January Wedding Dates 2022
ஜனவரி கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
23 January, Sun Theipirai Uthiram Panjami
27 January, Thu Theipirai Anusham Dhasami

February Wedding Dates 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar sheet
6 Feb, Sun Valarpirai Revathi Panjami
11 Feb, Fri Valarpirai Mirugaseerusham Dhasami
14 Feb, Mon Valarpirai Punarpoosam Thiriyodhasi, Pradhosam
20 Feb, Sun Theipirai Hastham Chathurthi, S.Chathurthi
21 Feb, Monday Theipirai Chithirai Panjami

March Wedding Dates 2022

Muhurtham Date Type Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
6 Mar, Friday Valarpirai Uthirattathi Thuvithiyai
13 Mar, Sunday Valarpirai Punarpoosam Dhasami
14 Mar, Monday Valarpirai Poosam Ekadhasi
16 Mar, Wednesday Valarpirai Magam Thrayodhasi
21 Mar, Monday Theipirai Swathi Thirithiyai, S.Chathurthi
23 Mar, Wednesday Theipirai Anusham Sashti
27 Mar, Sunday Theipirai Uthiradam Dhasami
28 Mar, Monday Theipirai Thiruvonam Ekadhasi
30 Mar, Wednesday Theipirai Sadhayam Thiroyodhasi, Madhasivarathiri

April Wedding Dates 2022
ஏப்ரல் கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
6 April, Wed Valarpirai Rohini Panjami
15 April, Fri Valarpirai Uthiram Chathurthasi
21 April, Thu Theipirai Moolam Panjami
25 April, Mon Theipirai Avittam Dhasami
29 April, Fri Theipirai Revathi Chathurthasi

May Wedding Dates 2022
மே கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
4 May, Wed Valarpirai Mirugaseerusham Thirithiyai
6 May, Fri Valarpirai Thiruvathirai Panjami
8 May, Sun Valarpirai Poosam Sapthami
13 May, Fri Valarpirai hastham Thuvadhasi, Pradhosam
15 May, Sun Valarpirai Swathi Chathurthasi
25 May, Wed Theipirai Uthirattathi Dhasami
26 May, Thu Theipirai Revathi Ekadhasi

June Wedding Dates 2022
ஜூன் கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
1 June, Wed Valarpirai Mirugaseerusham Thirithiyai
3 June, Fri Valarpirai Punarpoosam Chathurthi
9 June, Thu Valarpirai Hastham Dhasami
10 June, Fri Valarpirai Chithirai Ekadhasi
13 June, Mon Valarpirai Anusham Chathurthasi
17 June, Fri Theipirai Uthiradam Thiridhiyai
23 June, Thu Theipirai Revathi Dhasami
27 June, Mon Theipirai Rohini Chathurthasi

August Wedding Dates 2022
ஆகஸ்ட் கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
29 August, Mon Valarpirai Uthiram Thuvithiyai
31 August, Wed Valarpirai Chithirai Chathurthi, Vinayagar chathurthi
21 August, Sun Theipirai Rohini Dhasami
22 August, Mon Theipirai Mirugaseerusham Ekadhasi
24 August, Wed Theipirai Punarpoosam Thuvadhasi, Pradhosham

September Wedding Dates 2022
செப்டம்பர் கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
1 September, Thu Valarpirai Uthiram Panjami, Swathi Mahalakshmi Viratham
5 September, Mon Valarpirai Moolam Dhasami, Gajalakshmi Viratham
7 September, Wed Valarpirai Uthiradam Thuvadhasi, Thiruvona viratham
8 September, Thu Valarpirai Chithirai Chathurthi, Vinayagar chathurthi
9 September, Fri Valarpirai Uthiram Thuvithiyai
12 September, Mon Theipirai Uthirattathi Thuvithiuyai

October Wedding Dates 2022
அக்டோபர் கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
28 October, Fri Valarpirai Anusham Thiruvathirai
30 October, Sun Valarpirai Moolam Panjami
24 October, Mon Theipirai Hastham Chathurthasi, Deepavali

November Wedding Dates 2022
நவம்பர் கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
11 November, Fri Theipirai Mirugaseerusham Thirithiyai
14 November, Mon Theipirai Punarpoosam Sashti
20 November, Sun Theipirai Hastham Ekadhasi

December Wedding Dates 2022
டிசம்பர் கல்யாண நாட்கள் 2022

Date Day Natchathiram Thithi Calendar Sheet
4 December, Sun Valarpirai Revathi Ekadhasi
11 December, Sun Theipirai Punarpoosam Thirithiyai, Sankatahara Chathurthi
12 December, Mon Theipirai Poosam Chathurthi
14 December, Wed Theipirai Magam Shasti

Tamil Wedding Dates:

Wedding is a grand function one will ever enjoy in his life. South Indian weddings are different from North Indian weddings especially wedding ceremony of the Tamil people. Among the South Indian wedding, Tamil weddings are more colourful. People in Tamil Nadu give more importance to the old customs than the lavish/costly wedding. Tamil people love inviting all their relatives to the wedding. More importantly the distant ones. In Tamil language, marriage/wedding is referred as “Kalyanam”.

Tamil weddings take place during all the months except the Tamil month “Aadi”. It is believed that if people get married in the month of aadi then the baby might born on the month of “May” during when the temperature is really high. It might harm the baby. Except “Aadi” you can see weddings happening in all the months.

Step by step Tamil wedding process is explained below. If the marriage is arranged by the elders of the family then the marriage function will undergo all the process below.

1. Nakshatra Porutham:

The first process of arranging a marriage begins with Nakshatra Porutham. The birth star alias nakshathiram of both groom and the bride will be compared to check the matching status. If the stars match then the proceed with the next step.

2. Jadhagam Matching:

Once the birth stars match then the Jadhagam (Kundlini) of both groom and the bride will be compared to understand the matching factors and their future. Their future life can be predicted by an astrologer using the katam and the planetary positions. Once passed then the next stage of marriage will take place.

3. A meet between bride and the groom:

Once Nakshatra Porutham and Jadhagam matched then the bride and the groom will get a meeting arranged by their parents. If they like each other personally then they can exchange numbers. The family members will also use the chance to know more about the new relatives.

4. Fixing the marriage date:

After the meeting is done, the date of marriage will be fixed. To fix the marriage, first they will consult an astrologer and get a set of possible dates known as Tamil wedding dates or thirumana naatkal. There are two types of mugurtha naatkal. Valarpirai mugurtha naatkal and Theipirai mugurtha naatkal. Usually for marriage, people choose Valarpirai mugurtha naatkal.

Valarpirai mugurtha naatkal means the date that occurs during the growth of the moon (From blue moon to full moon). Theipirai mugurtha naatkal means the date that occurs during the reduction of moon from full moon to blue moon.

Once the date is fixed, it is very important to make sure that the desired marriage hall is available on that particular date. If not the date might be adjusted mostly. Once the marriage hall or mandabam is fixed, both the groom and bride family will discuss about the marriage budget.

5. Panthakaal:

When the marriage date is near, both the groom and bride family will erect a bamboo stick outside the house to let the people in the neighbourhood know that there is a marriage function in the house.

6. Nalangu:

Nalangu is the function which will be conduced before few days of the marriage. Both the groom and bride will be decorated with garlands and sandal paste and god worshipping will be done.

7. Nichayathaartham or Engagement:

Few people choose to conduct engagement function few months before marriage but some will prefer to conduct engagement on the day before marriage to reduce the expense. Engagement function means announcing the relatives and the world that this groom is engaged with this bride. On this occasion the bride and the groom will exchange rings.

8. Mugurtham:

Mugurtham is the main event of the marriage function. Usually mugurtham in tamil wedding happen by tieing a sacred thread called thaali by groom over the bride’s neck. Once the thaali got tied then it is official that the marriage between the bride and groom is over. To fix the mugurtham timing, elders/astrologer will check the calendar and fix the timing called Nalla neram or mugurtha neram.

9. Reception:

Reception is an event where the bride and groom will stand up on the stage in the wedding hall and will be greeted by all the relatives and the friends those missed the marriage event. Usually the reception event will be conducted on the native/home town of the groom since most of the marriage will happen on the bride’s home town.

About Tamil Calendar 2022:

Thank you for visiting our https://tamilnaalkaati.com website to view today’s Tamil date. We are very happy to serve you today’s date with perfect details. All the details in the calender are written based on the Indian timings. So if you are referring this from other country then please take timezone into consideration.

Tamil Calender and timings in the date are precisely predicted by expert people using the location of moon and stars in the sky. Tamil people all around the world use this daily calender to view nalla neram or good time of the day to start a good deed or function. Every functions like naming a baby, opening a shop, purchasing a new vehicle, buying a house, lending a loan etc will be started in the good time or nalla neram mentioned in the Tamil calender.

Tamil Calender begins with the month “Chithirai” just like “January” in the English calender. There are twelve months in the tamil year. All the months in the tamil year contains either 29/30/31 days just like the english month. Only one month called “Aani” has 32 days in a month.

The twelve months in the tamil year are Chithirai, Vaigasi, Aani, Aadi, Aavani, Purattasi, Ippasi, Kaarthigai, Maargazhi, Thai, Maasi, Panguni. To view in Tamil click here.